Syntegon bar lines

Syntegon – Bar line

Within 2019-2020 Kafeko / Syntegon have supplied several bar-lines including primary flow wrappers and secondary top loaders/case packers to four major producers within the Nordic area. All customers were in need of fast and reliable equipment with the latest and modern technology.

The projects were handled very professionally, both from Syntegon’s and customer’s side, which lead to very successful installations and SAT. Staying in constant contact with the customers during the complete project was one main reason for these very satisfying end results.

Products that are packed are mainly confectionary/chocolate bars and tablets. These lines were all turn-key projects, including more individual machines connected in one line. The lines were equipped with several formats, with a focus to make change overs easy for the customers! Flexible and high efficient lines for today and the future.

We are proud and happy to see the lines running successfully at all factories, and we are looking forward to future similar projects.

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