New compact endload cartoner – Kliklok BEC

The new Kliklok BEC endload cartoner offers the benefits of the proven machine series combined with the latest technological advancements to meet the requirements of automated production process. From the food to personal care and the electronics industries, mid-sized businesses require reasonably priced and robust technologies that optimally support their production targets.

One of the main features of the Kliklok BEC enload cartoner is its compact design, a great advantage for customers with limited floor space. With rated production speeds up to 170 cpm the BEC offers cost effective productivity in a minimum amount of floor space.

Easy to use with color touch screen HMI 4.0

The intuitive HMI provides production data at the touch of a button, besides tracking key OEE data, machine settings and alarms, the interface guides operators through the machine’s set-up and start-up. With its state-of-the-art HMI 4.0, the BEC supports optimal line integration while providing easy access to Syntegon’s digital service solutions.

Kliklok rotary carton feeder

Kliklok’s patented rotary carton feeder is the fastest, most positive in the industry. The straight-pick motion reduces wear on suction cups and short, rigid bars minimize deflection. The motion profile erects cartons in the direction of product flow with a 30% greater carton-open time.

BEC Cobot, a cutting-edge collaborative industrial robot

Usefully, the BEC enload cartoner can also be equipped with a BEC Cobot, a cutting-edge collaborative industrial robot designed to fill the carton blank magazine so that it’s fully automated. Its compact and ultra lightweight build allows it to seamlessly integrate into the BEC system. By eliminating the need to additional staff to handle cartons, the BEC Cobot stramlines and optimizes the carton handling progress to increase the overall efficiency of the machine.

Infeed and product insertion options

The BEC has the infeed and product insertion options to fit your packaging needs. Our barrel cam inserter is paired with a flighted infeed conveyor. For product loading we offer a standalone smart belt infeed, a TRAC right angle transfer unit, and a CLS120 direct-drop unit.

Clearly marked set points for changeover

Easy-to-read digital indicators and scales are placed at adjustment points to aid in size change.

Your benefits

  • Fast production times – fastest rotary carton feeder in the industry
  • Durable – stainless steel construction for improved structural rigidity
  • Efficient design – small footprint, easy-to-read digital indicators and scales, ergonomic machine
  • Reduced operator error – panel-less controls with intuitive HMI 4.0 and a fully integrated BEC Cobot
  • Increased productivity – the BEC Cobot automates the carton blank handling process
  • Increased safety – the BEC Cobot 360 beam safety radar automatically pauses if it detects an unknown obstacle.

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